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Data definition language (DDL)

The Data definition language (DDL) in Kùzu defines the commands and statements that create, alter, and delete database objects. The schema provides a logical grouping of node and relationship tables that define the structure of the graph database.

Create (statement)

As a first step to creating your database, you need to define your node and directed relationships. In the property graph model, nodes and relationships have labels. In Kùzu, every node or relationship can have one label. The node and relationships and the predefined properties on them are defined through CREATE NODE TABLE and CREATE REL TABLE statements. The choice of using the term “table” over “label” is intentional and explained below.

Click on the card below to learn more about creatin node and relationship tables in Kùzu.


You can update the schema of a table using ALTER TABLE.


You can drop tables from the database with the DROP TABLE.