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Numeric functions

Numeric functions are used to transform and manipulate numeric types. Common functions that have been implemented so far are listed below.

abs(x)returns the absolute value of xabs(-25.2)25.2
acos(x)returns the arccosine of xacos(0.43)1.126304
asin(x)returns the arcsine of xasin(0.4)0.411517
atan(x)returns the arctangent of xatan(0.221)0.217504
atan2(x, y)returns the arctangent of x, yatan2(0.4, 0.2)0.342411
bitwise_xor(x, y)returns the bitwise xor of x and ybitwise_xor(2, 3)1
ceil(x)rounds up x to the next nearest integerceil(4.2)5.0
ceiling(x)alias of ceilceiling(3.27)4.0
cos(x)returns the cosine value of xcos(2.79)-0.938825
cot(x)returns the cotangent of xcot(0.78)1.010855
degrees(x)converts radians to degreedegrees(1.2534)71.814530
even(x)rounds to next even number by
rounding away from 0
factorial(x)returns the factorial of xfactorial(4)24
floor(x)rounds down x to the nearest integerfloor(3.3)3
gamma(x)interpolation of (x-1) factorialgamma(2.4)1.242169
lgamma(x)returns the log of gamma(x)lgamma(1.4)-0.119613
ln(x)returns the natural logarithm of xln(2.11)0.746688
log(x)returns the 10-log of xlog(2.11)0.324282
log2(x)returns the 2-log of xlog2(3)1.584963
log10(x)alias of log(x)log10(100)2
negate(x)returns the opposite number of xnegate(100)-100
pi()returns the value of pipi()3.141593
pow(x, y)returns the value of x to the power of ypow(4, 5)1024
radians(x)converts the degree to radiansradians(89)1.553343
round(x, s)rounds x to s decimal placesround(42.651, 1)42.700000
sin(x)returns the sin of xsin(413.31)-0.981897
sign(x)returns the sign of xsign(-451)-1
sqrt(x)returns the square root of xsqrt(4.25)2.061553
tan(x)returns the tangent of xtan(75)-0.420701